Yamaguchi Prefecture pamphlet made by local high school students(in English)


  • Ube High School

Four students who are the first graduating students of Academic Inquiry Course on Culture and Science of Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube High School made an original pamphlet in order to increase the number of foreign tourists in Yamaguchi. Each student took charge of each of the four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. On the pamphlet, they introduced events in each season, along with tourist spots. Among these events, foreigners can choose their favorites, get different impressions of each season, and enjoy different experiences. Students hope that through the pamphlet they can encourage foreigners to visit Yamaguchi many times and it will lead to an increase in the number of repeat visitors in Yamaguchi.
Here are messages from each student recommending each season.

Spring: I choose some spots featuring cherry blossom viewing. Tokiwa Park is one of the 100 best spots in Japan and it’s in our hometown! Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yamaguchi in spring.

Summer: I especially recommend Hagi City Summer Festival! You can enjoy fireworks, wearing yukata(cotton kimono for summer) in an old castle town and also enjoy fresh fish there.

Fall: I choose two popular events in fall, colorful fall leaves viewing and apple picking. You can take a steam locomotive and enjoy nature in Yamaguchi!

Winter: I introduce four events as winter festivals. You can enjoy unique events in winter and Japanese traditional culture.
I especially recommend a local event called Daikokuichi, where you can enjoy a special New Year’s event!

Which season will you enjoy in Yamaguchi? Welcome to our prefecture!

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